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It doesn't look like a very complicated thing to do.

This would be in 3 or 4 layers.

The first layer would be done with the "light rays" plugin.

Then you add another layer, set your primary color to white, then use the selection tool and select the top half of the screen. Then go to the paintbucket and paint the selected area white. Then go to the layers panel and double click on the layer you are currently working on and the properties dialogue box should appear. Adjust the slider down to suit your taste.

After that, you add another layer made up of either a graphic (png or gif) of your letter, or you can use the text tool and type the letter yourself. If you want to do it in 2 colors like shown you can do this by layers as well. Do the first at the largest available font and then do another layer over that with the same font except just a bit smaller (or you can resize it). Each layer of the letter of course would need to be done in different colors so change your primary color first each time.

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an element missing from the example image (and mabye also the glass button plugin) is the variable transparency you get using the gradient tool and Ive not played with it much, but you might also try adding a couple layers of the gradient effect cut from different angles

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