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Windows Vista Ultimate

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Hello, I've recently updated from Windows Vista SP1 to Windows Vista Ultimate, whenever I try to install Paint.NET on Windows Vista Ultimate it comes up with a compatibility issue and doesn't install. Is there any way around this? I really like using Paint.NET, it's where I've been doing all my graphics work for the game I'm making with my friends.


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Ultimate works fine with PDN of course ... The inline upgrade process with these operating systems often mucks up the service packs and other updates. Up to and including blowing out parts of .NET ... Rarely recommended to do such "upgrades" versus clean installs because of potential issues.

If that was the case, make sure to run through the .NET updates and repairs and see what Windows Update may or may not show you. Not enough data but it sounds like you're missing service packs etc.

Also, what's the exact error it gives you? This may have been covered already, but without that it's a guessing game not having seen PDN fail in this manner.


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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