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Coloring The Castle

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This is probably my first topic like this , i think nobody here have ever seen me drawing.. Okay i'm quite not bad at drawing , but i suck at coloring ,

i drew this castle outline , It's for an MMORPG that is about mid ages ,

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I want it to be colored with brown break , but can't make the good texture, Some tips would be great !

Also this is an isometric house (not for a mid ages game) but it seems like it needs more life , any tips?


Thanks in advance !


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Well coloring is something I'm still working at as well, but the sketch reminds me of a hotel in Las Vegas I drove by everyday for some time ... :mrgreen:

Oddly enough this may give you some ideas on fantastical color choices for it though: Excalibur Hotel Pic

As to the texture, did you mean "brown brick" ? A combination of a couple of the brick tutorials or Chunn's plugin and chad's concrete tutorial would probably be the best place to start if I'm interpreting that correctly.

Most of the texture approaches people like rely on using an offset method like embossing to achieve the result. There are a lot of items under stylize that can help achieve this. Chad's tutorial illustrates the idea of a blended alpha mask approach and is one of the fastest methods to create a texture of this type. But basically clouds, plus dents, plus blurring to come up with the feel. All of the base images change (sometimes dramatically) after you shift them. The main idea in controlling the outcome is setting up how much direct contrast there is in the pattern to achieve height and bumpiness.

RE: Little house ...

Mimicking buildings at that scale requires perspective and comparative settings to make it seem like a house. Culturally this can vary some but ... In this instance there is no doorway or door, so it doesn't look much like one yet. Also the color choice that is in play is not helping to define what that pink/red area is at all. I cannot determine its function as part of any dwelling. Flat roofs are rarely flat. There is also some pitch or drainage matrix medium used etc. This is also something that varies around the world, so I'm not sure what to suggest outside of simply stating there is no obvious roof-line.

Hope that helps some. If not, let us know where I guessed wrong. ;)


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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