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Hexadecimal variation when using brush tool

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I create 16x16 pixel icons for use in my mapping software. I notice, when picking colours from the colour palette and dropping them into my grid using the brush tool, the initial colour is not its full intensity and that it is increased each time I click the mouse. This resulted in different hexadecimal values for each pixel square, which is unacceptable for my purposes. However, I discovered while writing this post, using the pencil tool drops the full colour intensity into the square. Now I am curious to understand why the two tools operate differently and how one knows, if using the brush tool, when full intensity is reached.

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You are using some difficult words in your post , but i hope i understood

The brush tool does something called antialiasing , so The color is not completely intensity , Always when you want to draw a pixel, use the pencil tool , and also look at this image to understand more about the brush tool


I Hope i understood you


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