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Cutting out lines

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Alright here's the problem, after reading extensively and watching many videos, I finally learned how to crop and layer(which is ridiculously easy!lol)

But now I can't get the line/curve tool to make solid connections. As you can see in the screen shot.

Green Circle: Where the lines meet end to end

Red Circle: Where the lines overlap

Blue Circle: Where I crossed lines perpendicularly in example of what's going wrong.


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Oh forgot to mention to those who wonder that those inconsistencies cause the wand, and paint(fill) to leak through.

Guess I could have edited that info into the first post, but didn't know i could till now :( hmm sorry

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Ok, worked great, at first i couldn't get the paintbrush to work but then realized that the Chemical Beaker was set to overwrite and not set to blend.

And i thought that maybe that was the problem with the line/curve. So, i changed the setting to overwrite, and....There we go!!

Thanks for the help

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