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  1. off subject but i used my yahoo email address to register. maybe it's changed since 2008.
  2. Ok, worked great, at first i couldn't get the paintbrush to work but then realized that the Chemical Beaker was set to overwrite and not set to blend. And i thought that maybe that was the problem with the line/curve. So, i changed the setting to overwrite, and....There we go!! Thanks for the help
  3. Oh forgot to mention to those who wonder that those inconsistencies cause the wand, and paint(fill) to leak through. Guess I could have edited that info into the first post, but didn't know i could till now hmm sorry
  4. Alright here's the problem, after reading extensively and watching many videos, I finally learned how to crop and layer(which is ridiculously easy!lol) But now I can't get the line/curve tool to make solid connections. As you can see in the screen shot. Green Circle: Where the lines meet end to end Red Circle: Where the lines overlap Blue Circle: Where I crossed lines perpendicularly in example of what's going wrong.
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