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[PDN 3.5.8] Selection moves

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I noticed a strange thing when working on a rather tall image (32 x 8192, see attachment): when selecting an area at the highest zoom level, it (the selection) changes place when zooming out.

Steps to recreate:

1. Zoom in to the fullest (397 % in this case)

2. Select an area (I chose 32x32, that is, maximum width)

3. Zoom out once

4. The selection is now offset by some amount (up or down)

5. If I zoom in again, the selection reverts back to what I selected the first time

If I copy the selection at the highest zoom level and paste it into a new image (Ctrl+Alt+V), I get the wrong selection; I get the area that is selected at the previous zoom level.

I tried to recreate this with another image of some other dimension, but it didn't work, so I'm guessing it has something to do with image whose width doesn't fill up the workspace (even at the highest zoom level)?

Maybe it has something to do with the scrollbar. Because when I'm at the highest zoom level (397 %), I can do one more "zooming in" without the zoom level changes, but the image scrolls into view, and therefore changing the selection.

I'm using PDN 3.5.8 on Windows 7 (64-bit, 4 GB RAM), screen res. at 1366 x 768.


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