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Blending Techniques?

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I just downloaded paint.net for the first time. I'm a complete newbie with this stuff... I've only watched someone work with Photoshop two or three times. Before I continue... any suggestions on where to start and how to learn how to work with the tools would be great! I looked at the tutorials, and they are all things I'm not quite ready for yet.

The first thing I am interested in right now, is how to blend two pictures together. I remember something from Photoshop called color burn, am I correct in believing that it blended things? How do I do this in paint.net?

Thanks for any help!

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Fade to transparence fades your image, all the way until its 'invisible' or 'clear' witch makes good ending to signitures.... I will not be abel to write a tutorial tonight, sorry... Someone can tell you, but I dont have Paint.NET on this computer, and I need it to tell someone what to do :/ sorry...

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