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Help with magic wand ^^

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Hi, I'm trying to make a Trinity Blood collage using pictures from different sources and I need to use the magic wand to select what I want from that original picture. Unfortunately, the anime is full of bishies with flowing hair all over the place and it's close to impossible for me to pick the character out of the image with all his flowing hair. I would really appreciate it if someone has some advise in trying to get this guy and his hair ^^

Here's the image if you guys wanted to take a look (Abel Nightroad, guy in grey hair I'm interested in):


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instead of trying to use the magic wand to select the guy, try using the magic wand to select parts of the background that you don't want piece by piece and deleting it. When all you have left if the guy, do a Shift+Click on the transparent background and Ctrl+i to invert the selection.

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I'm playing with this picture right now, but I don't think the magic wand is the tool for this job. I think you want to first select a large rectangle at the top and then use ctrl-select to add onto your selections. Then you can cut out the bits that you have selected and zoom in and erase the remaining bits.

You could probably use the lasso tool for the remaining bits, but personally I'm not good with making the lasso do what I want it to.

Even using the Outline effect of 3.0 you do not really get a wide swath of a single similar color for using the magic wand.

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oh that's fantastic, thank you so much barbbark ^_^

If you don't mind, can I ask how you did that please?

I've been tring to grab this guy and have learnt a few tricks that works quite well,

- To get a clean edge as possible to the item you want, zoom in quite a bit and select the rubber on the 1pixel setting, I did this a lot when working on the end of the revolver.

- Also, have the other picture to hand so incase you realise that you've made a mistake several tasks back, for example, you selected part of your picture and deleted it thinking it was unwanted and then went onto do other things to the picture then later realise you've deleted something you shouldn't have, go to the original picture (change any settings to that picture, for example if you've sharpened up the picure etc) and copy part of the picture that needs correcting onto a new layer and match it to the deleted part ^^

I hope i've made some sence XD I'm terrible at explaining things, sorry. Anyway I conquered the bishie aaahchachachaaa ^^:


Unfortunately out of revenge I cut some of his hair off on the left hand side :D and he looks slightly lop-sided

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