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Weird Color Issue

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I don't use Paint.net very much, but when I do sometimes this weird thing happens. I will open or create a png file, modify, then save it. Then sometimes, not all the time ill open it, and the colors will be mixed up. The color changing seems to be random. Here are the examples.

Before the issue.6070310870_cf586729b9_m.jpg

After the issue.6070310900_ee93800b45_m.jpg

Technical stats.

I run Windows Vista x86 32 bit

I use paint.net v3.58

Please help me as the issue is very annoying.

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You're saving as an 8-bit PNG? Make sure the Save Configuration dialog that pops up is set to Auto-Detect, or 32-bit.

I am having a similar issue. I have saved my image as a .png, with Auto-detect, transparent background. When I open the image the color has been "polarized". The image looks like a negative from a camera.

Any help?

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