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Large feather (+100px) selection

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Ive been playing with Paint.NET for a few days. One of the things I havent figured out how to reproduce from my usual photoshop/gimp workflow is how to feather a selection by a large amount. I have downloaded and tried the BoltBaitPack plugins which have some feather tools, but it seems limited to 10 pixels......

Some background to what im trying to achieve in case there is an alternative method of doing this....in quite a few of my photos I like to adjust the levels of the sky and ground separately, so I can darken up the sky a bit without affecting the ground. So in gimp/ps I would rectangular select the top section of the image, feather by 200 pixels (which seems to only feather on the "internal" edge, not on the picture edges), adjust levels for the sky, invert selection and finally adjust levels for the ground. It kind of reproduces the effect of a graduated filter...

Any suggestions appriciated...thanks

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