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Filling outline text smoothly

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I'm trying to figure out how to fill this text with smooth edges. The blue part is the font I'm using and the white part is what I filled, using the paint bucket. You can see some jagged/uneven edges between the white and blue. I have tried different blurs, median at low radius, smart blur and several other things. I have even tried those things on just the blue text before filling with the paint bucket and it still shows up like this.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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use AA's assistant before filling-and i wouldnt bucket fill, i would create a backdrop of the color i want so that it would show thru the letters


Thanks. I tried AA's assistant and it didn't work. I'm probably not doing it right. As for the other idea, do you mean to create white letters as the backdrop and then use the blue letters over it as an outline? I'm not sure if that's what you mean by "backdrop."

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the center of the text is transparent, yes? placing the text on a transparent layer lets you see thru the text to the layer below- the yellow- i would place a layer between the yellow layer and the text layer and add my colour there, so that you see it thru the text--

if however you are using a premade image, and the textis not on a seperate layer fromthe yelow background- then you need a seperate set of instructions--

1) select the area inside the text and delete it- once selected hit the delete button- you can either do this for each seperate letter, or use the additive selection mode on the wand to choose all the insides at once-- once deleted you should see a grey/white checkerboard pattern representing transparency

2) run AA's assistant-- AA's only works on the edges of a picture, therefore you need to have the insides cut out/deleted before running it

3) add a layer (in the layer window) then move it down below the text layer( make it the bottom layer)

4) fill this bottom layer with the colour/colours of you choice to fill in the letters

5) flatten and save to the file type of your choice-- the default(if unflattened) will be .pdn which is useless outside the PDN program, .pdn is what you want to save anything you might want to work on again


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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