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Help: Having Trouble With Gif Speed

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Okay, so I making a signature for another forum I go to, and It's a gif. I made it from a music video.

Anyways, when I go to save it, there's two options of settings: Delay (MS) and Repeat

Anyways, I want the gif to be the same speed as the video, however I can't seem to get it to the same speed. The lowest I've gone is 1 in the Delay (MS), and it's still too slow.

Please help!

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OK, sorry to say this, but Don't relay on PDN's aGIF exporter, it never worked well with me.

Suggestion: Export the layers with the Layer Saver plugin, and download a good GIF maker application, there are so many great free ones,

I personally use PhotoScape, Free and amazing how easy to use is with a very good result.

EDIT, forgot to mention that you can import the animated gif file in it and change the speed as liking for all frames or each layer individually.

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