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Ouline filling

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1st ?: Be a bit more specific. The cutting tool is pretty simple as it is. Are you looking for an auto edge finding cutting tool? If so, nope, not yet.

2nd ?: It sounds like your using a rather inefficient method of outlining an image(if that's what you're trying to achieve). To the get the results that I think your going for, Just do the following:

Original is a lightning orbish thing I made a loooong time ago in PDN 2.6:


1 - Select the background layer

2 - Press ctrl+A to select the whole layer, then press delete to make it all transparent(gray checkerboard represents transparency in PDN and most other programs)

3 - Paste in the picture that you want outlined.

4 - Create a new layer


5 - On that new layer, draw the figure that you want the outline to be.



6 - Using the magic wand, select the outside of the figure or (if you want to be more perfectionist) trace the figure in roughly the middle of the outline with the lasso select tool and press ctrl+i to select the outside of the figure. (basically, what you want to do here is select the portion that you want deleted)

Note: I made the selected portion green, so that you could see it.


7 - Select the layer that has your original picture in it.

8 - Press delete to clear the portion that you previously selected and voilla you have an outlined picture.


Hope that helps!

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I don't completely understand the question either, but I had some good luck today cutting out a picture.

Using PDN 3.0 Alpha 3, I took the relevant picture through the following steps:

1. Copied to a new layer.

2. Used the new Outline effect.

3. On the outline layer I painted the areas (that didn't already turn white) white with a brush width of 4 or 6 that I wanted to eventually make transparent.

3. Adjusted the levels of the outline layer so the whites were whiter.

4. Multiple-selected the white areas with the magic wand.

5. Changed back to the original layer.

6. Pressed delete. This transparented my selected area.

7. Used the feather plugin to smooth the edges a bit.

8. I had to use the paintbrush a little around the edges to strengthen the lines.

After that, I resized the picture to where I wanted it and saved it as PNG and GIF. The GIF version still doesn't look very good, but...

Original (the last panel).

PNG: Hob-Chief2.png

GIF: Hob-Chief2.gif

Artwork is from the Goblins webcomic by Tarol Hunt. Used with permission.

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