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  1. Hey everyone, I was really inspired by the new film transformers, and searching on the internet I found out that it was possible to make realistic 3D or (as seen on wikipedia, movie sites, and the movie itself) I see that it is possible in photoshop so does anyone having any clue how to manage this? Let me know if I am too vague and you need any information
  2. does anyone have a tutorial for making a glowing orb? I need it to look somewhat realistic and a tut for making like redish orange glares...
  3. yea thats what i mean, but i cant get the toon filter on my paint.net 4 some reason....so is there any other way?
  4. i want it like a number 2 pencil black and white but if the tutorial just has color thats ok, and i want it kinda like a wanted poster or a police sketch
  5. Before you say anything to me, i looked through the tutorials and searched the forums so plz just send me a link if u can help me I'm looking for a tutorial that tells you how to make a "regular" picture into pencil art or an effect that makes it look somewhat drawn thanks in advance
  6. do you have any idea how to get it orange? I cant get it in RGB curves, tint only does the outer clouds and i cant get the clouds to have the same rusted metal feel
  7. OK. I use Paint 3.0 and im thinking i need to use the flame effect but im not sure on how to acheive the colors as seen in the image below (its orangish black and tan.) i need the colors around the cross and skulls the "background"
  8. starting image: end image: i just need to know how i did the color
  9. ahh thank you and yes i adjusted the curves to get it the way i liked thank you!
  10. Why wouldn't it be allowed? idk some sites don't like advertising about other programs but to korteck no prob
  11. i havent used the program in a while but im pretty sure if you save a image as JPEG and upload sprite, than upload image it will work
  12. check ur messages becuz i said the name of the thing and im not sure if thats allowed here so i pmed the answer
  13. here's the very best image i could find
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