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Making white areas transparent?

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Ok, I started trying to mess around on paint.net trying to make a new background. I have the start of my design but it is all on top of white and that kind of ruins it. Is there a way that I can either make the white transparent or change it all to a different color? It is the only white in the whole picture, but it is divided up into a bunch of places.

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take the magic wand tool and hold down shift while clicking one section of white, then hit delete -you might want to use AAs assistant or feather(both are plug-ins) to get rid of any white outlines

in the future, add a new layer and start your work there, then you can modify the background layer however you want later

to put a new colour behind our work, add a layer, then move that layer down and bucketfill it with the colour of your choice--




. this is the very basic way of dealing with this issue, see the tutorial section for more advanced methods

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