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My computer crashed while I was saving my picture and now it won't let me open it!

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I have been working on a picture for one of my friends for a very long time and I was so excited because I was almost done and I was happy with the way it was turning out. I was about to go to my brother's house so I hit Ctrl+S to save the picture, however, while it was saving my computer crashed! I thought I was lucky because I had saved it just in time but when I restarted my computer and tried to open it again it wouldn't open and instead gave me a message saying "The file is corrupt or was saved with a newer version of Paint.NET." So I tried updating it to the newest version and it said the same thing. D: It has layers so I saved it as a .pdn file. I worked REALLY hard on that picture and I really need to finish it. How do I fix it so I can open it again?

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