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Hi! I've been working with Paint.NET for a while and it's got some great tools for creating images with transparent parts. what I'm looking for is some way to make a picture partially transparent.

So, say I've got a PNG of a tree. I want the tree to be 70% visible, so you can see outlines of things placed behind the tree. How do I do this? Using the magic marker to select the tree, and then telling it to make the tree partially transparent doesn't work since the part's that doesn't get transparent gets the secondary colour as the 70% visibility, not the original, different shadings of the tree. Is there any easy way to do this, or any plugins that can do it for me?

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you could set the opacity of the layer that the tree is on to a transparent setting-- then any layers below would be visible thru the tree-- just double click on the trees layer in the layer window to open the layer properties


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