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Trying to get a correct print size

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Addressing this to Sarkut in reference to thread that was closed (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19218-print-options-in-pdn/) :

The 8x12 pixel size is 768x1152 and the 8x6 pixel size is 768x576. As to the need of being 11.5 I knew that, but I had this plan to work larger in order to downsize it and not lose any detail of clarity. If I'm understanding some of the other things I read you get a 100 pix per inch, but paint.nets is 96 per inch?

But let me throw a couple more things at you as well. I've made some scrapbook pages in what I had hoped were 10x13's to be printed out for framing...however, when taken to the Walmart printer it cuts off half of one side like the pic is too big..this is even when going for a 11x14 and larger size. I resized them, still cuts them off. Yet I make a 6x4 canvas and try to use it for my desktop background and it's too big for it in the "fill screen" mode, not mention the distortion.

Is there just a simple, cut and dried formula for image, canvas size that will come out the print dimensions I need? I'm sure I'm missing something basic, but my mind only works in basic mode!! ;)

Thanks in advance,


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Using the Printer Plus plugin set to zero border size on A4 paper:

Your 8x6 - 768x576 pixel size image should be placed in the middle of a

816x1056 canvas for the best hope of having it print at the size that you

want on a home computer's printer. (816x1056. 96x8½=816. 11x96=1056)

You'll need to get Walmart's photo dept. people to advise you regarding using their printer.

To get better clarity of prints, you can set the resolution higher before beginning to make the image, changing resolution after the fact won't provide any benefit.

A 300 pixel/inch starting resolution might be a good choice.

Image > Resize

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