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  1. Thanks...I'll give that a try and see what I get...will also up my resolutions from now on out as well!
  2. Addressing this to Sarkut in reference to thread that was closed (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19218-print-options-in-pdn/) : The 8x12 pixel size is 768x1152 and the 8x6 pixel size is 768x576. As to the need of being 11.5 I knew that, but I had this plan to work larger in order to downsize it and not lose any detail of clarity. If I'm understanding some of the other things I read you get a 100 pix per inch, but paint.nets is 96 per inch? But let me throw a couple more things at you as well. I've made some scrapbook pages in what I had hoped were 10x13's to be printed out for framing...however, when taken to the Walmart printer it cuts off half of one side like the pic is too big..this is even when going for a 11x14 and larger size. I resized them, still cuts them off. Yet I make a 6x4 canvas and try to use it for my desktop background and it's too big for it in the "fill screen" mode, not mention the distortion. Is there just a simple, cut and dried formula for image, canvas size that will come out the print dimensions I need? I'm sure I'm missing something basic, but my mind only works in basic mode!! Thanks in advance, Patti
  3. This was the closest thread I could find that seem to relate to my problem. I'm making graduation invitations, started out with my canvas as 8x6, for the inside of my card I made another canvas 8x12 (making front, inside, back). When I went to print the inside I had a thumbnail size print. I have the printer+ plug in, can see how to print full page, ect. just not sure what it is I'm doing wrong to end up with much smaller print version. I've been playing with Paint.net quite awhile but had never printed anything...now I'm worried all my projects are way to small. I also read the article on the dpi and resize, sorry to say though, it didn't make a lot of sense to me...but I'm dense when it comes to things like this. Appreciate any thoughts and input! PattiG
  4. Thanks once again Sarkut...I've download the zip, now will go find some textures!! I don't know why I couldn't find this in my search on the forum, but appreciate your reply and the link!
  5. I recently ran across some nice textures on the Brusheezy site, which then led me to google whether or not I could add these textures to my PDN. What I found was a custom texture .dll listed at this site http://www.brighthub...cles/15590.aspx that says it will allow the loading of PS textures in to PDN. I guess what I'm wanting to know, is has anyone else done this, does it work, and do those of you who created and run PDN recommend using it? Thanks!
  6. Sorry...I deleted those, but think I know what I was doing wrong on those now...I had the mask layer checked. Okay, here is the latest one I did with one of my own photos saved as a .png. I think it may be right!? I just checked this on a background and it worked!! woohoo!! Thank you Sarkut for all the help...can't wait to start trying out some new stuff!!
  7. Here's what I keep coming up with, but at least it's better than the first few tries when I got nothing! I went to the page where I downloaded the frames and took the example they had there. The first one is my attempt, the second one is the one on the site. As you can tell I have white still showing in the center of the photo. This is at least better than what I had on one of my own photos....
  8. Okay, not sure what happened but the link page for alpha masking quit loading. I had it up before, then went back and all I get is a red "x" and there's nothing on the page. I did find something on the paint.net fanatics page and went through the tut but couldn't see my lettering as he suggested. I did something, (not quite sure what!!) and did get the lettering to show up in blue, but still had the black background which should have been transparent (this was per the tutorial there). The frames I have came from the site Sarkut posted and they're in jpeg format. First, should I load those into pdn and resave them as .pngs? While I've had pdn downloaded a couple years I've only started in the last couple of months intensely trying to do more. I see so many scrapbooking ideas I'd like to try, but want to make my own and not "copy" someones elses! Appreciate all the help!
  9. Thanks so much...I've pulled up the tut and will read and play later this afternoon!!
  10. Oh good to hear...now, uh...can you point me to a tutorial as to how to use that alpha mask plug in!?
  11. Just realised these are .jpegs, must of been the others that were .png, however they were shown to be used in PSD.
  12. Is it possible to use .png grey scale photo edges (made for photoshop) in paint.net? I found some "frames" that will add various edges to the image (torn edge, lace, ect), but they are in grey scale and I'm not sure how, if I can, to use them in pdn. I've searched for a tutorial and found suggestions on alpha masks, but being a newbie I'm not sure what that is or how those work either. I'm just wanting to give a ragged or other style edge to my photos or backgrounds to use them for digital scrapbooking and framed photos. Thanks for any help or suggestions...so far I'm having a blast using this program!!
  13. Would love to try this, but the mirror plugin link gives me the .ddl's for mirror/rotate. I noticed you have two different ones and the mirror rotate does not give you the options to select left half over right. Is there another link for that particular plug in?! Thanks! Never mind...I think I just found the correct one at Evan's site!
  14. All right..thank you again. I will delete them all and start over with the link you gave me!! Appreciate all the help and I'm sure I'll have more "how to" questions in the future!!
  15. I just pulled up the site I THOUGHT was paint.net and in the addy bar is the "amiho". I downloaded a LOT from there, but have no clue which ones! Can you tell me which ones to delete so as not to delete the original plug ins that come with the program?
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