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Request: Gradual Transparency

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Hello, this is my first post in the forums and before getting started i'd like to quickly thank Mr. Brewster who created such an intuitive program and to all the individuals who have bettered it with their brilliant contributions (notably plugins).

That being said, I've been using Paint.NET for perhaps 2 months now and there are still certain plugins/features that I'm getting used to or haven't completly grasped their functionning or potential yet.

I have however noticed a few different plugins regarding transparency and have yet to stumble upon one that would allow to make an image or selection gradually transparent (somewhat like in the picture below).

Does such a plugin exist and have i simply missed it or otherwise (for those who have more experience with creating plugins) is it's feasibility realistic? If not, is there a method to acheive this kind of effect by using a combination of effects?

Thanks you for your attention on the matter


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