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Help with editing text in a header

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I have a header on a wordpress theme that i want to edit. the theme is:


I am very new to this, so noddy instructions would be great. On the left hand side of the header there is an oval with the words Fishing Charters, i want to change that to say World of Fishing. If anyone could tell me how to do that i would be very grateful. Many thanks in advance

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My thinking is to put a new oval over the top.

So you would open the image & create a new layer.

On the new layer, select the ellipse using the ellipse tool & you will probably have to move the selection a bit. Zoom in as far as you can so that you can be sure to get it spot on.

Then with the selection still active run a gradient with white & a very pale grey. I think I started at the bottom of the ellipse. If it isn't right then press CTRL + Z to undo & do it the opposite way. Make sure you keep the selection active.

Create a new layer. Go to Effects - Selection - Outline Selection & choose white at 10.

Create a new layer & type the text you want (can't help you with the font). Colour at this stage doesn't matter.

Select the text by selecting the Magic Wand & set it to global, @ 50% (default), anywhere outside of the text. Press CTRL + I to invert the selection. Then do a gradient with the colours of you choice.

New layer & press CTRL + I to invert selection. Go to Effects - Selection - Outline Selection & choose white at whatever you need but also check the "Preserve Canvas Edge".

Not sure if you wanted the grey text too but I am sure you will find a bevelled text tute here somewhere.

At this stage I would Gaussian Blur @ 1 or 2 each layer but the original image. Then merge the text & the outline layer & deselect the text. On the merged text layer run Effects - Object - Drop Shadow. Adjust the setting to your needs & remember that you can also adjust the opacity.

Someone else may have a better or quicker way but I hope this gives you a start at least.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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