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remove background from image

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I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to photo editing so I suspect this is simple, but it's got me stumped.

Goal: I want to use a circular portion of an image on a Visio diagram, overlaying it on another image such that only the circular image covers the background image.

What I've tried: I opened the existing rectangular image, selected the circular part I want to use, cropped and saved the image. However, it appears that Paint.Net is adding a white rectangular background when it saves the image. When I paste the edited image on top of another image the added white background covers the background image.

How do I end up saving just the circular image without the white background?


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There is more than one thing that may be causing this.

After cropping the circular selection, be sure that the gray-and-white checkerboard

that indicates transparency is showing in the cropped away corner sections.

Save as PNG, not JPEG or other file types.

(JPEG won't preserve transparency)

When pasting on top of another image, paste into a new layer above the image layer.

Don't paste directly into the image layer.


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