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Ebay seller questions

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Hello all.

I'm an ebay seller and I'm wondering what the best way to go about making a overlay to add to my pictures.

You've probably seen the type of thing I mean, a union jack in the corner and the text "UK Seller", Fast dispatch" etc.

I take individual pics for each item I sell and all pics have a red background, so I'm ideally looking to make some type of overlay with a transparent background with the union jack and text being solid.

I've playing around all morning trying to do this but haven't really gotten anywhere boltbait.smile.png

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Open the photo of your item for sale and the image of the Union Jack.

Resize the Union Jack as needed and, from the menu, Edit - Select All (Ctrl+A) and Edit - Copy (Ctrl+C).

On the item photo menu, Edit - Paste in to New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+V), then use the Move Selected Pixels tool pdn35icons.MoveToolIcon.png to place it in the desired position. Then Edit - Deselect (Ctrl+D).

In the Layers window, click on Add New Layer pdn35icons.MenuLayersAddNewLayerIcon.png , select the Text tool pdn35icons.TextToolIcon.png , schoose the font, colour and size you like and type your text. If you need to, use the Move Selected Pixels tool pdn35icons.MoveToolIcon.png to place it in the desired position.

In the Layers window, click on Merge Layer Down pdn35icons.MenuLayersMergeLayerDownIcon.png (twice) to merge all layers.

File - Save as.. pdn35icons.MenuFileSaveAsIcon.png in a format that e-bay allows for uploading images.

Optional: Click Undo pdn35icons.MenuEditUndoIcon.png (twice) so that you have your image again in three layers and File - Save As.. pdn35icons.MenuFileSaveAsIcon.png in Paint.NET format (*.pdn). This will save a file with separate Union Jack and text layers. You can use this file for more item photographs. Just open the .pdn, click on the bottom layer in the Layers window and then, from the menu, Layers - Import from File and select the new photograph.

P.S. I forgot to mention I'm a big fan of Big Jock boltbait.smile.png

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