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How Do I Perfectly Center-Justify Text in a Photo?

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Hello everyone. I'm using Paint.net 3.5.6.

I would like to get assistance with centering text, please.

I am embedding some text into some photos. I'm placing the text at the very bottom of the photos. However, I'm not 100% sure if the text is perfectly center-justified.

Is there a way to guarantee the text is fully and properly center-justified? If so, what is the procedure, please?

Thank you! Jack D.

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The Object Align tool seems to work. Thank you.

Now...while we are on the subject of these plug-ins: I can't get the Drop Shadow tool to work.

Granted, I might not be using it correctly. I know how to create drop shadow effects manually, but it's a pain in the neck.

I have not, as of this writing, found instructions that explain how to use the Drop Shadow tool.

Let me explain how I'm using the tool. Maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

1. I click NEW and create a new window.

2. I set the Primary color to Red, and the Secondary color to Black.

3. Next, I select the TEXT tool. I select the font for my text, and the size.

4. I type the text.

5. I go into Effects, Object, and select Drop Shadow.

6. I adjust the settings as I see fit, lightening up the shadow color a bit, so it's grey and not dark black.

7. I click OK.

That's all I do. I see no drop shadow effect on my text.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.


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