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Can't Print From Paint.Net

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I very much favor Paint.Net over MS Paint, and even PhotoShop for most applications that I wish to employ, but I can't print a picture from Paint.Net. It's not a WIA issue, I'm sure, since I'm not acquiring an image from a scanner or printer that I wish to print, and, I can acquire an image from either device through Paint.Net whenever I wish. The problem is that, whether I want to print an original or an edited image, when selecting "Print", and setting whatever quality/orientation/paper, etc., parameters, selecting "Print" results in an error: "Printer is not ready". It doesn't matter what file type is used, jpg, pdn, or any other. I can print the same file from PhotoShop or MSPaint. I have the latest version of Paint.Net and am running Windows Vista Home, using an Epson 500 printer. What is causing the lack of print capability?


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