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Burnt edges

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Alrighty...I'm trying to "burn" the edges of a piece that I'm working on...Unfortunately, I can't find a tut to make burnt edges...Well, I did(Burnt Parchment Edges) but the pictures have been removed and I can't really follow along because the author refers to the pictures a lot and it leaves me lost with nothing to look at...:(:(:(

So yeah...I dug around in the Tuts section for a bit and couldn't find anything similar to what I'm wanting. I thought there was another(because I did burn the edges of something a while back) but I couldn't refind that tut...if it did indeed exist...

If there's one the I somehow missed, please post a link...

If not....HELP ME???? Please? I'll share the sugar cookies my mom made ^_^

I'm wanting either burntish edges or ripped papery edges

Thanks in advance ^_^ Now I shall return to digging through the archives until one of the PdN gods decides to take pity on a poor little PdN novice and help her out...

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YES! Not sure how I missed it, but that's actually the one I used last time ^_^ Sweetness...thanks! :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

This can now either be locked or be forgotten into the depths of nothingness...unless anyone knows how to make the edges look torn?

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