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Advice on how it works please

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I used to use Picassa to organise/edit/re-size my photos but hate the way it helped itself to all the photos on my computer, and any changes made in Picassa, were also made to the hard drive versions.

I want something whereby I can simply move selected photos or folders of photos across to use, totally independently with any actions I take, staying in Getpaint (for example) and not being duplicated on my hard drive files.

Is Getpaint for me please?

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If you mean you want to change certain pictures and also retain them in their orrriginal version- simply make the changes using Paint.net and when you go to save, use the Save As feature and change the name of the file

If you mean you need to reorganize your pictures but still keep them in your orrginal place use right click to copy then put the copys in a new file

If you mean you want a place to store pictures that is independant of your own hard drive, then you will want a HOSTING site such as photobucket or mediafire

If you mean something else please explain iit again and use small words- some of us can be a bit dense boltbait.tongue.png

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SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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