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ForeColor Effects Plugin - build error

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Hey Rick,

When I was updating my Cloud Effect plugin, I accidentally built against the 3.0 dlls.

When I tried compiling my plugin, I received a warning (as expected) for EnvironmentParameters.BackColor being deprecated and to use SecondaryColor instead.

What threw me off was EnvironmentParameters.ForeColor throws an error and won't let me finish building the project. I know ForeColor has been replaced with PrimaryColor, but shouldn't I receive a warning (like I did with BackColor) instead of an error and still be able to build my project? The BackColor function should just make the call to PrimaryColor right?

(built with Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition)

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Nope, this is on purpose.

Foreground/background are deprecated terms. Plus, you should be compiling with "warnings as errors" anyway, so either way it would be an error.

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