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Canvas shape

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Hi guys

I have an image which I want to save as a circle shape. At the moment, it's a circular image on a white square (the canvas)

I've tried "crop to selection" but that doesn't seem to work

It's just that I want to open the image in another application, but the other program prevents me doing copy & paste



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Hello, John.

Is the circle part of the image on its own layer? In that case delete the white background layer & save the image as a .png or if the other program doesn't like .png you can use .jpg or similar.

.png is always preferable since the image loses nothing in quality & preserves/supports transparency - unlike .jpg. This means that while on the pc it shows as having a white background, since the pc has to have some form of background, if you paste it into another program it will only have the circle.

If it is on the white background layer itself, are you able to use circle select to select just the part you want? Then press CTRL + I to invert the selection & press Delete. Save as a .png.

You can also try Grim colour Reaper plugin if there is no white on the circle bit, or magic wand. Save as a .png.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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