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Selection Tools No Longer Work

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I just upgraded to Paint.NET v3.5.6 (Final Release build 3.56.3972.42619) (i'm running Vista). Now none of the selection tools work. They outline but as soon as I release the mouse button, the outline disappears. This is happening with the rectangle, the lasso and the ellipse. I tried reinstalling, I tried restarting and using various images with or without layers and it never works.

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If you are updating from 3.36, the selection outline is no longer animated. It is still there, however, and will always be a different color than its surroundings.

I'm not sure what you mean by no longer animated, but the only way to get the coloured area is 'select all', the other selection tools are just drawing an outline with no colour change and it disappears as soon as the mouse button is released. The crop to selection button is greyed out and can't be clicked.

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