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Colour Filling

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Hi All I am new to this Forum & new to using a Paint program. I have two questions.

1) I am 72 & have shaky hands. I am tyring to fill in Counties on a Country map. With the larger Paintbucket fills I am ok, but with the smaller ones the Tool is too big. If I use a Pen or Brush my shaky hands paint outside the lines!!! Any suggestions?

2) I am looking for a program to manipulare Animals, Freeware. Picture this:-

A dog standing normally on four paws. Now see this. The dog standing on hind legs with front legs in a boxing pose, head looking forward.

Or this.

A Gorilla down on arms & legs, Now this. A Gorilla Up on hind legs holding a large bow & arrow, in an Archers pose.

I want to be able to move body parts & change expressions. Is there such a program? I seem to remember seeing one in the distant past, but cannot find it in the distant dusty corners of my mind.

Thanks in advance. Donny

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