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Just Installed - Bear with me?

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I've been fine for the last couple of days but today All my lines seem to be transparent. How, whay and what do I do to fix it. Sorry 4 being such a n00b lol

... And purely coz I took all the trouble to register on here it decided to start working :( Oh well. BTW the best little drawing program I ever used came with M$ Word 2.0! Not sure about this one, selection and line drawing seems tricksy. I don't want them to bend by themselves and I want to draw freeform multilines and have the ends of adjoinign lines snap on to their nieghnours.

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Pretty vague, as there could be many reasons why this would happen, but my guess (since it's probably the most likely) is that you have an active selection and are trying to draw a line outside that selection. Hitting the escape key, or pressing Ctrl+D would cancel the selection. You could then draw lines at will.

If this isn't the problem, please report back.

And for basic information about the program, pressing the F1 key while running Paint.NET brings up the Paint.NET Documentation, which has explanations of all the inherent tools/effects included with Paint.NET.

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