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Constrained Resizing using Mouse

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According to http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MoveTools.html, "If you are moving one of the nubs on the corner of the image, you may hold down Shift to maintain the selection's original aspect ratio (its proportions)." This hasn't been working for me for a number of years with different versions of Paint.NET on a number of different computers.

If I press Shift, the selection box magically jumps to a different random size, and then when the mouse is moved the rectangle's aspect ratio is maintained alright, but that's not the selection box I want.

For example, I have just made a selection box of 400x514. I then press Shift and click the bottom corner handle. The selection box magically changes to 400x240. I can now resize while maintaining the aspect ratio, but at 400:240!

I have double checked and my notebook's constrained key/mouse option is disabled.

Does anyone else have the same experience?


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Can you try with a selection where the height is longer than the width?

I just tried again, and if the width is longer than the height, then resizing using mouse with Shift down seems to work. But if the selection has a height longer than the width, then on pressing Shift and mouse down, the selection box jumps to some unwanted size.


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it dosen't jump to some "random" proportions, as you stated, buth rathe to the orriginal proportions of the seledtion. my guess is you're making a random/aproximate sellection, adjusting it with "moove selection", then trying to resize it with "moove selected pixels" (or "moove selection", same problem occurs), in which case a Shift+Click on a corner thumb will make your selection (and whatever is in it) jump back to its orriginal proportions (the unadjusted sellection).

to avoid this, i suggest one of the following methods:

a. make your first sellection in such a way that it dosen't need adjusting;

b. adjust with an aditive sellection, insted of "moove sellection";


c. after you've adjusted your sellection, copy whatever is in it to a new layer, sellect it again with the wand (invert sellection may be needed) and resize it there

hope this helpes, and if i'm wrong u can go ahead and slapp me over the head


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Leonte, thanks for your help. I think you are correct. But even then, I can only make the selection smaller but not bigger! For example, if I use the mouse to make a selection rectangle of 50x100 in a single mouse action, I can then reduce the selection while maintaining the aspect ratio of 1:2. I cannot increase the selection rectangle!!

Shouldn't constrained selection resizing be constrained to the current selection rather than to some selection in the past?

I am sure editing a raw picture to a certain dimension is a very common task. For example I have a taken a facial photo at 2048 x 1920 and now need to edit it to 400x514 for a passport. I would:

a. Open the image to see the whole picture

b. Make an arbitrary rectangle selection, adjust it manually using side handles to 400x514 (it is impossible to do a rectangle with one single mouse action as the image is displayed at reduced size and sometimes there isn't enough granularity to give me 400 for example, it may jump from 398 to 401)

c. Do a constrained enlargement until it is approximately large enough to show my face

d. Move the selection to show my face in the center

e. Repeat steps c and d until I am happy that the rectangle, in the correct aspect ratio of 400:514, covers the area of the picture I want.

f. Do a resize to 400 wide.

g. I now have a image of 400x514 of the exact picture I want.

Without the ability to do constrained selection resizing (reducing and enlarging), I have to operate a calculator while keeping one finger down on the mouse!

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There is a Fixed Ratio option in the toolbar.

Click where it says Normal.

Thanks! This solves the problem somewhat.

But I found the following:

a. There appears to be major rounding errors if the selection is bigger. For example, if I set the ratio to 1:2 and draw a large rectangle, it gives me 210x418 (even though I am at View Actual Size Ctrl-Shift-A), 235 wide gives 468 high, etc.

b. The selection can only be reduced and not enlarged when constrained selection resizing is in effect.

I still wish that Shift-Corner Resizing can behave like all other graphic applications.

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I couldn't. I did the following (English menus):

a. Rectangle Select (S), Fixed Ratio 1:2

b. Used the mouse to draw a selection: 170x339.

c. Click Move Selection (M).

d. Shift and click bottom right corner of selection rectangle.

e. I can now reduce the selection but cannot go bigger than 170x339.

Do you have the same experience?


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OK, I got it figured out. My touchpad had the Left Shift key configured to constrain the touchpad movement. Somehow that interferes with Paint.NET mouse inputs. If that is turned off I can enlarge constrained selection in Paint.NET.

Thanks for the help!

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