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Apparently my old Gallery topic is MIA. Or at least it didn't show up in topics started by me, or the search bar :l

If it shows up for you, well then...sorry lol.

Anyway, I doubt any of you remember me because I'm almost never here. But lately I feel like my work has increased a bit and has a higher quality to it.

Maybe I'm just full of myself though (that's why you guys are here though, always knocking my work down :lol: )

So, here are some of my most recent things that I really like. Oh and they aren't flawless by the way. I left some mistakes in them because...well Idk. Lazy I guess lol.

Hidden Content:



These are just two manipulations of this. I'm just rather fond of how they look :l More the second than the first

Hidden Content:


Sandstorm like thing. I made this from scratch, something I almost never do because I usually suck so much at it lol.

Some of the sand should be blurred a bit, or softened up. Other than that I'm satisfied. Maybe a sun flare in the future when I learn how.

Hidden Content:


My current background and love for the week. I used two pictures of samus and resized them to match. Then I placed a black gradient over the upper layer samus that split right through the middle. Then I removed all black with the Color Reaper effect so that the two meshed together. The background was a complete (well not complete, but close) mistake and just turned out flat out awesome.

Two problems with this

1) The Large Samus mask in the background has a jagged area that I meant to blurr out

2) The reflections are a little off.

I never stare long enough at these images to care though, so I spend my time in other areas of my life.


This is just a sig ratio pic that needs a little resizing to make it acceptable. But I'm lazy.

Hidden Content:


Haha I made this for me and a friend after watching My Little Ponies: Miracle of Friendship on youtube.

Yes it was epic.

I love the glowing and slight reflection I was able to get out of it.

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