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how to Plot in Paint.net!

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BASICALLY, i want to know how to plot in Paint.net!


i usually plot in Adobe Fireworks CS5, and i just click on Windows and Click Info next and it Shows me the X,Y coordinate!

Screen-Shot > [Adobe Fireworks CS5]


[iBM VisualAge]



But i heard i can do this in PAINT.NET, but what paint.net does it that every time i plot a point it saves that in a notepad or somewhere, not sure!

Cuz in Macromedia fireworks i need to go back and hold my mouse over the dot to Shows me the X,Y coordinates!


I USE THIS program to help me plot my character, so i can make it in IBM VisualAge for Java!


Hopefully somebody understands what am trying to explain, and would be nice enough to help me out!

Thanks in advance!

- ps.

- Persian52

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The bottom-right corner of the Paint.NET window shows the current mouse coordinates.


but is it Paint.net or some other soft Ware, that every time you plot the dots it saves the coordinates, so you don't need to go back to get the point!

you know wat am trying to say!

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Some other software.

i see!

This could be done with a canvas plugin, where every click writes the coords to a file, but it's not something I have time to work on right now.

oh.. thanks a lot for the response mate!

i ll try to see if i can figure it my self!

thanks again! :D


can you do that with Macromedia Fireworks?

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