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Selection of an area - then washing a 'transparent' colour

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I hope someone out there can help me with something that I feel should be very basic. I don't know if I'm being impatient but I'm reading and re-reading all the 'getting started' stuff and help topics and not getting anywhere.

I have a map - it's of Marrakech - and I want to select the medina and colour wash it to highlight it. So I want a thick line around it and then over the map itself maybe wash it in a pale blue or green colour - but so that I can still see the basis of what is underneath it - so it is translucent. I have been able to find both the 'freeform shape' and 'lasso' tools and am able to draw around it (although in quite a wobbly way - not with straight lines) but then I can't seem to find a way to colour wash the selected area.

Can anyone help me . . . please?

Many thanks,


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Make a new (transparent) layer.

Add the color where you want it.

Press F4, set Blending Mode to Multiply, and adjust Opacity slider.


You can use the Line / Curve tool to make an enclosed area on a separate new layer.

Use the Magic Wand to make a selection within that area.

Fill the selection with color on a different layer.

This will give you straighter, smoother lines on the selection.

The outline layer can be deleted or made not visible before saving.

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