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Transparent Photos

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I'm a senior trying to create a book cover for my wifes 2nd book of short true stories.

She's looking at her reflection in a mirror and seeing a transparant photo of family 50 years prior. I have both photos on the Paint window and have clicked 'Transparent" on one photo. Nothing seems to happen except aline appears when the mouse is moved that looks like a free drawn border. I've read the help section but cannot find this particular subject. Can anyone suggest how I accomplish this technique?

Thank you,


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Open Paint.NET and import the image that you want as background.

Layers > Import From File...

Next, import the image that you want to be transparent.

Layers > Import From File...

Press F4 on your keyboard.

Adjust the Opacity slider.

You might want to change the Blending Mode to Multiply, or not.

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