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Misc VI: Fixed palette

Simon Brown

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If I don't close it immediately, consider the time until I do a grace period.

The object of this competition is to create an image that only uses colours from the default expanded palette. Note that it's okay to use other colours in small areas that don't stand-out (e.g. anti-aliasing).


To reset your palette to this:



  • The deadline is four days after the 4th entry is posted, I will post the deadline in this thread when that happens.
  • PM me with your entry.
  • Image must be created with Paint.NET
  • Stock must be linked to.
  • If you want to create parts of your entry in other programs, upload it separately and link to it as if it were stockt
  • Images must not have been published before, although psuedo-stock can.
  • Feel free to edit your entry, but only post one.
  • Discuss the competition in this thread.

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