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Getting Exact Measurements?

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Hi all, I'm a newbie here so go easy!

Basicly I have an object that I am trying to make a simple outline template for, I would like to make the template and transfer it into Microsof Word 2007. I have measured the item to 3.2 x 15.6cm, but when I put the object into Word and print the document, it is too short. The height is spot on, but the length is well out. I have double checked the measurements and they are exact.

I was wondering if its just an error I'm making, because when I make a box to the same measurements in Word, it also prints too short but correct height.

What am I doing wrong or how can I fix my problem?

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No, I'm 15 and a bit of a newbie to all this. I usually just make Word Art etc and print numerous times till I get it correct, but that uses too much time and ink so if I was able to make a template for it all to fit where I want it in that, I can delete the outline and print it.

Could you please give some advice on adjusting margins etc?

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That link just takes me to the Google homepage.

I don't think its to do with margins, because when the outlines print, they print as the full object that appears on screen, all four sides are there, so it hasn't cut any off due to margins etc.

It just seems like Microsoft and Paint.Net's idea of 15.6cm isn't actually 15.6cm! Strange because the 3.2cm height works fine.

If I hold the object up to the screen and draw the outline around that, I suppose that will still be out by a few centimeters when printed?

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