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Plugin Not Appearing When Placed in Effects Folder

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Hello everyone,

I am in the midst of trying to write another plugin. I am currently trying to debug the plugin, but for some reason the plugin won't show up in Paint.NET. I've checked that the plugin is in the Effects folder and that there are no plugin load errors regarding my plugin. Any other ideas on why this is happening? Thanks in advance.boltbait.smile.png

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Hi! I have the same problem,

and no idea what to do.

To test what could be wrong, i have downloaded the codelab plugin source code. (because that plugin was already working in my PDN)

I have build the solution in my visual c#, and moved the new codelab.dll to /effects, and wth? PDN doesnt show the codelab plugin anymore. When I move the old one back there its in the effects menu again.

I have compared the bytesize of the original codelab.dll , and my new rebuilt codelab.dll and it is exactly the same, thats whats realy weird about that x.x

Any ideas? D=


K, i have changed solution to .net 3.5 and restarted my computer -> worked!

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