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Combining Images

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Hello, Boys and Girls!

I'm a newbie in pretty much every sense of the word! So bear with me.

Here's my issue: I had a rather large rectangular painting scanned in several different sections because it was too big to be scanned in one go. Now I want to knit the images back together so I have one digital file of the original. Make sense? I know it's probably relatively simple, but I'm seriously starting from scratch as far as knowing what I'm doing. If someone could explain to me how to do this, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!


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Assuming all of your scans are approx. the same height and same width, here is a way to do it in an example scenario:

If your scan is taller than it is shorter, like this (portrait layout):


follow step 1a.

If it is vice versa, like this (landscape layout):


follow step 1b.

You have x scans, each with y height and z width.

1. Open Paint.NET, make a new image with the following dimensions:

a. Height = x * y

Width = z

b. Height = y

Width = x *z

So, if I have an image (layout is portrait) which is broken up into 5 scans, each approximately 600 height and 1000 width,

I would plug it into step 1a:

Height = x * y = 5 * 600 = 3000

Width = z = 1000

2. Paste in each image (Layers > Import From File) and drag them to their order. Each image would be in a separate layer, so switch to each image's respective layer to edit the image.

If an image is too large for the file you created, you can just drag it until the unimportant border is not within boundaries and deselect. Simple.

If an image is too small for the file, stretch it a little until it fits.

3. Flatten (Ctrl-Shift-F) and save.

Hope it works.

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