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Can these tutorials be translated to PDN?

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So sorry! I didn't realize that since I keep everything logged in on my computer DX

The tutorials mostly use selective coloring and hue/saturation.

Here's the example for the first tutorial:


STEP NUMBER ONE ! CURVES LAYER. i want to bring out some more yellow tonesin the image, as they seem to bring out a lot more vibrant tones when it comes to

the selective colouring layers. so anyway, these are my input and output numbers:

GREEN: one point output: 104 input: 81

RED: one point output: 87 input: 72

so far not much difference, a little more yellow.

STEP NUMBER TWO ! SELECTIVE COLOUR LAYER. at this point i want to start to

make the red pop out, so we're going to make that more vibrant and put in a little

contrast. that's basically what we're doing.

REDS: C: -100 M: +100 Y: +100 B: 0

YELLOWS: C: -100 M: +100 Y: +100 B: 0

CYANS: C: +100 M: 0 Y: 0 B: 0

WHITES: C: 0 M: 0 Y: -100 B: 0

NEUTRALS: C: -15 M: 0 Y: -20 B: 0

so far there we go, looking a little less dull.

STEP NUMBER THREE ! SELECTIVE COLOUR LAYER 2. again i want to bring out a

bit more vibrancy, more reds and maybe some purples to use later on. i also want

to start bringing out some of the neutrals set to lighted that i mentioned in part one.

this layer is basically the same as step three with only a few changes.

REDS: C: -100 M: +99 Y: +100 B: 0

YELLOWS: C: -100 M: 0 Y: +100 B: 0

CYANS: C: +100 M: 0 Y: 0 B: 0

WHITES: C: 0 M: 0 Y: -100 B: 0

NEUTRALS: C: +15 M: 0 Y: -40 B: 0

so far really popping now.

STEP NUMBER FOUR ! SELECTIVE COLOUR LAYER 3. i love love love the purple and

magenta tones, but there's a little too much of them. but we can use them to our

advantage. oh, set this layer to DARKEN. you don't have to, but it softens it a bit.

REDS: C: -100 M: 0 Y: +100 B: 0

YELLOWS: C: -100 M: -100 Y: +100 B: 0

CYANS: C: +100 M: 0 Y: 0 B: 0

WHITES: C: 0 M: 0 Y: +100 B: 0

NEUTRALS: C: -15 M: 0 Y: -14 B: 0

so far reds are looking more red and less pink.

STEP NUMBER FIVE ! COLOUR FILL LAYER. now, despite that the whole purpose

of a lot of these layers was to make the image more vibrant, i love adding a neutral

layer so that the brightness isn't so bad that it hurts my eyes. who doesn't love a

bit of darkness?

#4f4f53 set to MULTIPLY at 40% is what i used, but use whatever suits your image.

so far toned down and more easy on the eye.


mine a bit more natural and softening the red tones a little more.


it didn't really do much on my image of hayley, so i'll leave the 'so far' images for

now. but it does a lot on other images, you know what it's supposed to be doing,


STEP NUMBER SEVEN ! PHOTO FILTER LAYER. so far we've put in a lot of warm

tones, the magentas and the reds. let's put in a bit of coolnesss, just as a bit of a

final touch.

FILTER: cooling filter (82) leave the colour. i put density at 14% this all depends on

your image. more or less, whatever you want. AND THAT'S IT. (:

credit goes to alacrity @ caution 2.0

Hope this helps a bit! :)

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