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Cropping to elliptical

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New to this software.

1.I'm trying to crop an image to an ellipse. I have the ellipse, but the square edges are still there (meaning the elliptical outline is indicated, but the image remains rectangular). I want the final image to be oval.

2. I want the final image to be feathered (I think that's the word), with blurrry edges. When I hit select:feather, and use the default of 5000, I see no change. Up it to 10,000, still see no change.

Feathering does refer just to edges, correct?



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First, you would select what you want with the Ellipse Select Tool. Next, you would Crop to Selection (Ctrl-Shift-X). Next, you would download BoltBait's Feather or dpy's AA Assistant. Apply the effect. Save and enjoy.

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