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plugin or pdn feature request

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hello. i have a request for something that i at least, and i assume others, would love to have in pdn.

i really need an 'expand/contract selection' function. a plugin would be great so it could be used right away, and to have it built into pdn eventualy would be great to.

as it is now i could see spending hours trying to select the rough area you want with the selection tools available, then fine tune it by adding and subtracting other pixels one at a time. thats for an odd shaped selection of course. expand/contract would also be great for simple square/rectangle/round selections, for makeing fast borders etc.

i know nothing about programing so im not sure if this would be easy to do or not, but if it can be done id be grateful. thanks


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I don't think that is possible as a plug-in. But let me add my vote to this feature request.

I know that there was a workaround using BoltBait's feather tool. But i am not sure if this will work in the new version.

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