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I'm new at this, could you help me?

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I just got this program about a week ago, and just now sat down to play with it, but I want to make a collage of pictures, but I can't seem to figure out how to put anything on the clip board. Can someone please tell me how to put pictures on the clipboard so I can paste them into my collage?

I tried searching for this before posting, but didn't find anything. Sorry if I'm asking something that has already been asked.

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No trouble...

Actually this is what I do, say I want to make 9 3x3 inch squares, making a 9x9 inch image.

this involves cropping, not worth it for a collage.

Just take your image, and go to layer, then paste image as a new layer option I think it is called and move it around and resize, if you want to scale it, hold down shift or ctrl while resizing with the move tool.

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To get a picture onto your computer's clipboard, open it in Paint.NET or some other software like MS Paint. Then, select the whole image (usually by going to the Edit menu and clicking on "Select all". Then, press Ctrl+C or go to the Edit menu and click on "Copy". Now, the image is on the clipboard. You can only have one image on the computer's clipboard at a time. Now, open up your collage file in Paint.NET, and go to the Edit menu and click on "Paste" or simply press Ctrl+V.

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