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Load config dialog in 3.0


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Will there be LoadConfigWidget, LoadConfigToken etc. stuff for having loading dialogs in 3.0? I didn't see them in the metadata browser thingy (I don't know the technical term for the thing that shows the members of classes in a class library) for the FileType class.

I was debating where to post this since it's sort of a feature request (which should be in the general forum) and it's related to what I saw in 3.0 (should maybe be in the 3.0 forum), but it feels right here; please let me know if posts like this should be posted elsewhere.

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I'm actually thinking to postpone this to the release after v3.0. But here's why: for me to add an OpenConfigDialog, we would need to have some of the built-in file types making use of it. Otherwise it becomes a real walking-on-eggshells situation where we have code that isn't even used by default and it's hard to test it very much. Otherwise the only person who'd be testing it would be ... well ... yourself and me.

But, for the release after 3.0, I'm looking to make use of WIC (Windows Imaging Codecs, if I remember correctly). It's a component that's new for Vista that exposes a rich, pluggable codec interface. This will enable us to add RAW support, something that really needs an "open config" (Maybe i'll call it "import config" or something).

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