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how to create text in one line with different colours?

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The way I have done this is to type the word, deselect, then use the paint bucket to fill each letter. You can also use the magic wand to select a letter, add a layer and then you can add an effect to each letter as well as color.

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1. type first 2 letters in first color

2. make a new layer, type 2nd and 3rd letter in second color,

3. use the move tool to set it correctly using the second letter as reference.

4. return to layer with first color and delete second letter

5. merge two layers

repeat this for every letter/color, it's a bit time consuming, but it'll give you the best result and every letter will be exactly the color you want


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In Paint.net there are so many ways to do things. all depends on the image you are working on. here is another method that I sometimes use. (most times I use Welsh's method as I like gradiant colors in letters)

this method gives solid color letters and maintains your spacing.

type your word in the color you want first letter/s to be. (do on a transparent layer)

dup layer of your word

use Ed Harvey color flip for second color required. and then adjust the hue.

go back and erase out the first leter on this second layer

repeat across if you want more colors.

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