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How do i cut out a two tone image when background is similar

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I was working on cutting out a snow dog, the dog is brown and white. I followed the 'cutting out images tut" but i couldn't get the results i was looking for. the problem im encountering is mainly when im using the magic wand and inverting. when invert and delete it deletes the whiting in the pic of the selection i made inside the dogs white hair, as well as the background. leaving me with just the brown and a open seen to the background layer. when i do the brown its the inverse of what i stated. any suggestions on just getting the dog out the snow? I have pics available upon request, didn't see any rules about posting screenshots so i spared myself the embarrassment of gettin' locked down lol.

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Be sure that the outline is complete and unbroken.

Draw the outline on its own transparent layer,

Magic Wand inside of it, invert selection, then switch to the image

layer to delete.

Remove the checkmark in the Layers window for the

outline layer.

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one more thing, in the instructions you stated to make sure the outline is complete and unbroken. that seems simple enough but when im outlining i have to start outline then stop when get to the hard parts, is that ok or is it one stroke dont let the left mouse button go or itll be considered broken? hope im not reading too much into this.

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