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Critique Needed&How do they look?


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Alright, I am quite new on the forum but I have been using Paint.NET for quite some time, and yet I only have made two signature worthy pictures our of Renders, that I did just for random. I would love critique on them, Advanced will be greatly appreciated too. Anyway, here are the two pictures that I wish to have Critique on.


The first one is dark, like it is supposed to be. It is a image of a ODST soldier, this one was mostly random effects. I used the Jitter effect on the soldier to give more of a rugged and battle worn feeling.


This one I actually tried on, it is a render of Ghost from MW2. I wish my Smudge effect worked for this one, otherwise I had to use 3 different effects. Stitch, Frosted Glass, and Splinter to create a sort of blending mode on the edges of the render. This time, I did not use much of Zoom/Motion blur. It was darker before, so I had to make it lighter with the Negation.

That is all, feel free to go hard core on me. Oh, yes. If I broke any forum rules, please tell me, this is practically my first time posting something like this in any type of forum.


Here are the new images I have created, well they are just the same one, but one is a signature and the other is the original.

Hidden Content:
Full Picture


Signature Style


I have a odd feeling that the Text is not very good with it, if you can point out which font might be better for this, will you? Also, I added the Glow effect on it, it is hard to see but it is a white glow that is thin around the letters.

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I'm not sure how to go about it but I think the soldier on the first one needs to be popped out a little bit. He is hard to see at least for me and I think if popped out he would appear more lonely.

The second one I think needs something. Sorry but it appears too blah and ordinary. Doesn't invoke any emotion or nothing. Perhaps add some blurred wisps or more of an impression of fog without totally losing the soldier. Maybe just a touch of color somewhere.

Thanks for sharing. I hope someone who knows more how to do things with this program than I do will have some good ideas of how you can improve them. I think you have a good start and see lots of potential with your images.

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